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Workshop: A Practical Guide to Genome-Wide Association Studies

Where and When

March 18-19, 2008
Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
Washington Duke Inn

Workshop Instructors

Dongliang Ge
David Goldstein
Mike Weale
Kevin Shianna


The methods necessary to carry out genome wide association (GWA) studies are rapidly evolving. This workshop will both review the conceptual bases of GWA studies and will describe the software tools currently in use in the Duke Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy (IGSP). The workshop will cover the translation of raw Illumina output files into input files appropriate for software packages such as PLINK, necessary quality control steps such as the identification of duplicate samples and relatives, and the implementation of a principal component based method for controlling for the effects of population stratification. A particular focus of the workshop will be a software environment called WGAViewer that allows automatic visualization and annotation of association statistics in the context of known genomic features such as gene and linkage disequilibrium structures. Participants of the workshop will also be provided with the JAVA scripts and programs that have been used in the IGSP in a number of successfully completed genome-wide association studies.