Several display/usage parameters can be set in a “Configuration” tabbed panel. These parameters include:

Internet: proxy name and port;

Display: threshold for highlighting a SNP; Y axis (-LogP) scale (Figure 3.14-1);

Data source: default data folder. This configuration will influence all “Open file” and “Save file” dialogs in WGAViewer software. The default is the example folder “./examples”. For example see Figure 3.14-2.

Annotation: LD criterion for considering as high association; HapMap population used to calculate LD;

Memory allocation: to allocate computer memory to WGAViewer software. Restart WGAViewer software to take effect. See chapter 2.3.

Figure 3.14-1. Y axis scale. (Click to enlarge)

Figure 3.14-2. Default data path. (Click to enlarge)