Trouble shoooting

(2.4.1) The main program window does not show up, or you see a JAVA version warning (Figure 2.1.2-1).

This problem is caused by an older JAVA version. Try to uninstall your current JAVA software and download a current one. If you have manually specified your CLASSPATH environmental variable, make sure to include the current directory ( “.”) .

Also see Installation->Software.

Figure 2.1.2-1 (Click to enlarge)

(2.4.2) A connection warning shows up after launch (Figure 2.1.3-2).

Figure 2.1.3-2 (Click to enlarge)

WGAViewer has been setup to automatically test the connection to the HapMap and Ensembl databases when it is launched. If the connection cannot be established, this warning will be shown. In this case you may still load your dataset, for example, the example set released with this package, but you may not perform further annotation tasks.

Sometimes this warning may also be shown because of a very slow web speed. Try to click on the circled warning message (Figure 2.1.3-2) to retest the connection.

If you work behind a proxy server and/or a username and password is required to access the internet, try to set the internet configuration of WGAViewer to through “Duke University Proxy Server” (Figure 2.1.3-1).

Figure 2.1.3-1 (Click to enlarge)

If you are sure you can access internet but this message still shows, consult with your internet administrator or write to author of this software.

If these solutions do not help, please email the author: d.ge@duke.edu