Status bar

There is a status bar located at the bottom of the main window showing the current status of the program (Figure 3.13.4-1).

Figure 3.13.4-1. Status bar

From left to right, these status are:


  1. Current database: shows the currently loaded database;
  2. Software version: shows a red star (as in Figure 3.13.4-1) when WGAViewer detects an update. Click it to download the update. A blue star indicates that the version you are using is current.
  3. Database connection: shows the status of online database connection. Most of the annotation cannot be performed if this does not state “OK”. Click on this status label to retest the database connection;
  4. Memory monitor: monitors the memory allocation and usage. The color will turn yellow/red when the memory is not adequate. Click to reallocate memory to be used by WGAViewer.