Plotting multiple databases

Once reference database(s) is successfully loaded, click on menu “ Database->Database plotter ” to plot the multiple databases, as shown from Figure 3.8.1-1. Zoom in or zoom out by moving and clicking the mouse, or through a navigation bar located on the top of the window. With appropriate resolution (for example, when number of SNPs in this region is less than 500 to ensure reasonable speed) click on the button “ Annotate ” to annotate this region.

Figure 3.8.1-2 shows the annotation results. Different from the gene view panel for a single database, this view plots the P values (part B) for the reference database(s) too. In addition to this, for each SNP that is highlighted in part A, the P values in the core database and in the reference databases (if available) will both be listed in the dynamic data sheet (part C).

Figure 3.8.1-1. Database plotter.

Figure 3.8.1-2. Multiple databases: annotation results on the level of gene view. A: Association results for core database; B: Association results for reference database(s); C: P value(s) in reference databases (if available) for highlighted SNP in part A (shown in this example is rs9264942). (Click to enlarge)


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