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There are two types of installation packages currenly available: the standard edition and the lite edition. The lite edition offers limited functions, while the package size is much smaller than the standard version. We recommend the standard edition.

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WGAViewer used in hepatitis C discovery

>>> WGAViewer standard edition (~180 MB)

>>> WGAViewer Lite edition (~40 MB)

New! Extension to the WGAViewer program

Compared with previous discovery strategies, a whole-genome sequencing study is no longer constrained by differing patterns of linkage disequilibrium (Need and Goldstein, Trends in Genetics 2009;25(11):489-494), thus, in theory, is more possible to directly identify the gentic variants contributing to biological traits or medical outcomes.

The rapidly evolving high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies have now allowed the fast generation of large amount of sequence data for the purpose of performing such whole-genome sequencing studies, at a reasonable cost. SequenceVariantAnalyzer, or SVA, is a software tool that we have been developing to analyze the genetic variants identified from such studies.

If you use WGAViewer in any published work, please kindly cite our work. For a list of publications citing WGAViewer, click here.

Reference: Ge D, Zhang D, Need AC, Martin O, Fellay J, Telenti A, Goldstein DB. WGAViewer: Software for Genomic Annotation of Whole Genome Association Studies. Genome Res. 2008 Apr;18(4):640-3
Software: WGAViewer
Author: Dongliang Ge & David B. Goldstein
URL: http://igm.cumc.columbia.edu/WGAViewer/


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