Downloading SNPExpress

Before you download this software, we hope you can take some time to fill a registration form. This registration is free of charge and will ensure us inform you of updates and bug-fixes. It will also enable us to estimate the interest in our work.

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Note: the downloading size is around 250 MB.

Current version: 1.00; Last update: Oct 20, 2008


If you use SNPExpress in any published work, please cite both the software and the paper describing the project.

Heinzen E*, Ge D*, Cronin KD, Maia J, Shianna KV, Gabriel W, Welsh-Bohmer KA, Hulette CM, Denny T, Goldstein DB. Tissue specific genetic control of gene expression and alternative splicing: Implications for the study of human complex traits. PLoS Biol 2008; 6(12): e1 doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000001

Software: SNPExpress
Author: Dongliang Ge & David B. Goldstein


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